Blogging as a journalism tool

Upon reading the article on the future of the journalism industry I am delighted to see the ways in which journalism is a changing industry; for, blogging is now used as a more journalistic medium rather than a diary of everyday life by the average millennial.

I started blogging approximately two years ago through my personal blog, The Carousel of Opportunities. “The Carousel,” for short, highlights the eye-opening experiences I have been fortunate to seek out and experience over the course of my college career. At first, I began blogging as a hobby (I am a writer after all!), but as I wore the shoes of a journalist, I have used blogging to communicate with an even larger audience. Yes, I can tease stories and use other media like Twitter and Facebook, but blogging allows you to express your thoughts and ideas in an even more powerful light compared to other media. Also, I can share my experiences with others seeking similar opportunities.

The article, which focused on Josh Marshall’s Talking Points Memo, highlights an important aspect of blogging. It hints at the fact that bloggers are online muckrakers – which proposes a new type of journalism through the utilization of our advanced and digitizing technologies. I agree with the idea that blogging is, in a way, changing the journalism diaspora. It is through blogging that writers get their start as journalists. And most often than not, blogging acts as a catalyst to citizen journalism, who drive investigative reporting and muckraking.

Bloggers drive the journalism ethics debate today because it questions the legal and professional dynamics of journalists. Without proper citation of sources, attributions or interviews, bloggers must solely rely on their opinions and perspectives when inquiring about a story. This, perhaps, contradicts the idea of non-biased, objective journalism. Blogging, for many, is considered unprofessional journalism that allows for the “average Joe” to diary his/her own thoughts into a story. These factors make it easier for bloggers to delve into the world of muckraking journalism.

Although I can acknowledge the debate on blogging and what it brings to the journalism industry, I believe that blogging presents readers the opportunity to learn about journalists in a new light. Through blogging, readers can see the writer’s perspectives and thoughts on an issue, independent of the images painted in mainstream media. As a blogger, I feel that it is important to share with others your own writing that is more freestyle than anything a journalist would ever publish. It is important to understand bloggers and the purposes of blogging; for, it presents us with another’s perspective on an issue, opening up another side to the story.


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