The way to provide faster Internet in America

Would media in the United States be any different if there were no regulations or monopolies or a finite number of large corporations controlling media?


In fact, I think there would be more media open to discussing topics that mainstream media doesn’t necessarily cover. I feel there would also be less biases and diverse point-of-views presented in media reports and coverage. More importantly, I believe the telecommunications industry would be able to transmit information at a faster rate if there are no regulations.

Currently, there is a lack of competition to regulate the Internet in the U.S. due to the fact that the telecommunications industry has been divided among four conglomerates: Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and Time Warner. With a lack of competition in the telecommunications industry, these four conglomerates have the option to charge higher prices for slow-speed Internet. The Internet in the U.S., for example, ranks 31st in the world in average download speed, according to a study by Ookla Speedtest.

With the limit in free market competition, the public receives slow Internet at high prices while media conglomerates make high profits. If there is more market competition for the Internet, then there would be a better chance for new companies to enter the market; as a result, more competition would bring about faster Internet. Ultimately, this method would break the four major telecommunications networks from controlling the media market. There needs to be an open and free market for Internet regulation.

A free market with minimal media regulation offers the opportunity for a diverse media and telecommunications industry where customers are not forced to choose between one of four superpowers. With a free market, there is an abundance of information to be passed around and more telecommunications providers to choose from. All in all, there is a greater opportunity for faster Internet if the government allows.


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