The Carousel

My blog, The Carousel, is a space for me to think about the various needs that exist in not only my own community, but also around the world. I first started The Carousel three years ago in an effort to highlight my volunteer experiences and spread awareness to the importance of active community engagement. This blog showcases one of my biggest passions: giving back to the community.

I enjoy volunteering in the community because it allows me to understand the local society I live in and also helps me see the privileges I am fortunate to have each day. From community engagement in Tompkins County in upstate New York to an alternative break trip to the Outer Banks, North Carolina, I have had the privilege to  explore the world outside of the bubble of which I call home. My blog allows me to reflect on my experiences and coherently organize my thoughts on my role as a citizen. Moreover, my experiences in community engagement have shaped me into the open-minded, passionate and curious person that I am; for, I am always looking to learn about the world and society.

As a result of my volunteering experiences, I aspire to someday pursue a career in the nonprofit industry, working in events management or digital communications. continuing to work with others and advocate for the needs important to the community.