IC Asian American Alliance

Networking at ECAASU 2016 with Fong Tran, a spoken word poet.

Through the IC Asian American Alliance, I have had the privilege to assist in event coordination, which has allowed me to grow as an events and communications professional. Outlined below are my responsibilities as a former executive board and general body member.


  • Create agendas of each executive and general meeting to executive board members
  • Oversees and delegates all tasks/responsibilities by executive board
  • Serve as liaison to external organizations inside and outside Ithaca College through community outreach
  • Collaborate with board members to create weekly interactive meetings focusing on advancing and advocating Asian American/Pacific Islander current issues
  • Facilitate workshops and executive meetings
  • Assist in planning and coordinating events for Focus Asia Month, including organizing guest performers and engaging cultural events

VP of Public Relations:

  • Provides timely updates to the president/vice president about community relationships and collaborations with other organizations
  • Coordinates events to ensure they are properly organized, advertised and publicized with assistance from the vice president of advertising
  • Collaborates with internal organizations at Ithaca College to organize events and build supportive relationships with fellow campus community members
  • Workshop Facilitator – “Coming Together to Create New Spaces” – presented at the East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU) 2016 with my colleague discussing event planning and community outreach process for the first Ithaca Pan Asian American Film Festival