IC Society of Professional Journalists

The 2015-2016 executive board receiving awards for campus media at the regional conference.

Not only have I experienced the pressures of organizing bi-weekly events, but I have also been fortunate to learn about the logistical details of event coordinating through my involvement with the Ithaca College chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. My involvement with this organization has allowed me to understand the importance of managing finances and planning trips to both regional and national conferences. Below is a list of my responsibilities.


  • Oversee and delegate all responsibilities of executive board members
  • Coordinate bi-weekly events with executive board members
  • Communicate with guest speakers
  • Assist with organizing trip to regional and national conferences
  • Maintain social media accounts, including Facebook, twitter and Periscope
  • Facilitate weekly executive board meetings and lead bi-weekly programs


  • Manage organization’s financial accounts
  • Propose and obtain funding from Student Government Council
  • Purchase program supplies and snacks
  • Collaborate with president to research conference details and reserve flights and lodging in a timely manner
  • Create and handle budget for trips