Ithaca Pan Asian American Film Festival

Three years ago, a colleague and mentor of mine had a dream to bring more accurate representation for Asian Americans in the media. To achieve her dream, three professors and the campus community came together to create history by organizing the first-ever film festival in Ithaca, NY: the Ithaca Pan Asian American Film Festival.

Since then, I have been a part of history, and the festival is a culmination of my event coordinating, fundraising and community outreach experiences. Today, three years later, I am still actively involved in the festival planning as a member of the marketing and community outreach teams. Highlighted below are my responsibilities as a member of the marketing and outreach committees.


  • Coordinate events to publicize and advertise with other committee members
  • Manage all social media, including Facebook, twitter, Instagram
  • Create website and manage its contents
  • Assist in events planning
  • Work with outreach team to design all advertising materials such as flyers, postcards, apparel, stickers, posters, brochures, banners

Community Outreach: 

  • Fundraise through various campaigns (online and in-person)
  • Interact with community members to promote festival and obtain donations, sponsorships and partnerships
  • Facilitate community meetings to inform members about the festival schedule and planned events
  • Maintain strong community relations
  • Create and distribute press releases and emails
  • Spread awareness to the event and its missions/goals
  • Recruit volunteers and delegate tasks
  • Manage listservs and databases with community information